Vintage dose

Vintage dose
  1. Oriental interior decoration helps create a stylish and exotic atmosphere in a modern interior, bringing calm, pleasant and relaxing moods into homes.
  2. Open room layouts support the vintage theme perfectly, enhancing the overall décor of the space.
  3. The space incorporates architectural elements such as unique Asian wall design that reiterates the Asian décor.
  4. Clean and sleek lines and traditional oriental interior decorations with unique carved wooden furniture in the dining area give it a contemporary feel.
  5. Exotic silk fabrics create harmony and give way to a relaxing, positive and calming atmosphere in the bedroom.
  6. Bamboo room dividers give a traditional and versatile appeal to the space and unique wall design gives it a rustic touch.
  7. Wooden texture used on shutters, drawers and flooring to adorn the kitchen area gives a vintage feel to the space.