Vastu Tips

Bring Positive Energies into Your Home

We always worry how little changes to bring positivity at home are going to be an expensive task. Most people back from the thought of having to invest so much money. But not a lot of people realise that doing little changes in your home without having to spend any money can bring positivity into the house.

We give you ways to bring positivity in the household:

1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness:

Not only keeping your house clean but also keeping your kitchen clean brings positive energies into the house. A messy and unclean house will not only bring you physical illness but also affect emotional wellbeing. Don’t mount dirty dishes in the house. Keep the sink clean and free of any dishes.

2. Plant flowers and grow vegetables at home:

People with kitchen garden are more content than people who don’t. your kitchen garden not only provides you with fresh vegetables and flowers but signifies growth and life. According to Vaastu, the smell f flowers are related to Venus and it helps in attracting prosperity and growth. If you don’t have enough space for a garden, pot the plants in small pots by the balcony.

3. Get rid of broken things:

Even though that particular piece of an object is very near and dear to your heart and holds thousands of memories, if it is broken or not working, it is time to get rid of it. Broken things bring negative energy at home and they might be the reason you feel gloomy than usual.

4. Don’t block the way:

Most people use the balcony as an extra space to use for other purposes. But blocking it might block the positive energies from entering the house. Keep the curtains up and let the natural light enter your home without obstruction.

5. Make your bed right:

Keeping too many pillows on the bed might look good during the day, but at night it is better to keep the minimum in the bed. Too much layering on the bed might restrict your future prospect. Try to make your bed most comfortable for a good night’s sleep.

6. Art up your place:

Hanging paintings around the house look good. But hanging paintings of violence or war bring negative energies. Hang happy painting that can lift your mood anytime of the day.

7. Say no to artificial:

Artificial plants inside homes look good aesthetically but they have zero impact in your life. Try to keep them away and try to plant actual flowers and flowers for more positive impact on your life.