6 things to consider before you buy a chimney

6 things to consider before you buy a chimney
  1. Kitchen size: Chimneys absorb smoke from the kitchen and make it clean and smoke free. Before you make up your mind to buy one, take a look at your kitchen area, ventilation and eating habits. It is essential to understand if it requires any chimney.
  2. Filter type: These are used at every stage of air handling and majorly classified into 3 categories namely cassette filter, baffle filter and carbon filter. Manufacturers consider baffle filters to be the best suitable option for Indian cooking style.
  3. Chimney type: There are four common categories of chimneys. Wall mounted chimney, island chimney, built-in chimney and corner chimney. Depending on your kitchen structure and internal construction, you can select the right option.
  4. Chimney size: Always remember to purchase a size exact or greater than your stove or HOB. The kitchen chimney should never be smaller than the size of your stove.
  5. Auto-clean vs normal: Auto clean chimneys are good oil collectors. These are easier to clean and durable compared to normal chimneys.
  6. Design and cost: Make sure the design matches and enhances your kitchens’ overall appearance and functionality. On one hand, conventional chimneys are made with stainless steel and are available as straight line model; contemporary kitchen chimneys are costly and redefine style, enhancing interiors.