5 relocation ideas for microwave

5 relocation ideas for microwave
  1. Integrate into the cabinets: One of the most popular concepts is to keep the appliance inside the cabinet. Here, the height can be customized as per chef’s reachability and microwave design. To get the best from the placement, you can design a small desk/counter near the cabinetry to store your hot plates.
  2. Over the ovens: If the chef is okay with heights, placing your microwave over ovens can be another option. This arrangement will make the microwave and oven blend seamlessly as a single element.
  3. Appliances drawer: You can keep the microwave in a spare cabinet, dedicated to the appliances you remember for occasional uses. This setup will be great for homeowners who hardly use microwave on a daily basis.
  4. Below the counter: Install the microwave down at the lower level. This takes care of the accessibility factor. There are a number of people who appreciate this solution. However before you apply this option at your place, consider the fact that you have to bend down while using.
  5. Island stop: You can keep your microwave on the kitchen island without completely covering it up. This will save the main cabinets for storages, keep the appliance out of sight and you have the counter for make and bake experience.